Dec 12, 2014

Brand New salon✨

I finally pre-opened on 3rd✨🎉
It's been 10days so far!!
Time flew. Almost Xmas!!!

New salon, new energy♨✨

First ads on a Japanese news paper!

Check it out!! Japion 

My client visited me!! Super surprise!!

Thank you*\(^o^)/* I'm so happy!!!!

       Hand made Reception desk✨

Riwako's debut!! Local customer came in.

Sayaka's debut✨ also she is a neighbor.

By Sayaka♥︎(o^^o)handpainted!!!

From my client♥︎(o^^o)so cute!!

Getting dark. Lights up!✨*\(^o^)/*

We are waiting for your first visit♥︎
Come check it out!!!

139 W 116st 

Call/text/LINE me♥︎✨

Nov 30, 2014

Time to move forward

Today is the last day to do nails at my private salon.  Tomorrow is moving day!!!
I have tons of things to do. 
Little by little, just keep doing. 
I'm getting excited about salon deco♡
Winter promo design $70✨
Come try our design!☺︎

Also holiday promo design♡ $68

          Good bye my private salon!
  Thank you for visiting here many times.
Hope to see you at new salon on 116st✨✌️

Pre-Open Schedule✨

I'm opening up a new salon on 116st in Harlem✨ Pre-open from 12/3 very soon.
Here is the Special Promo design♡
Holiday Ver.✨Xmas is coming next month!!! Let's get holiday nails before party time*\(^o^)/*

Special promo white gradient Ver $82✨

                    Xmas mood♡

I refilled her fav design(o^^o) 
Natural Make over!!

Japanese gel colors!! In Harlem

Double French ivory×custom made color mix  looking very clean! 

I was assembling the ceiling lights.
It took forever. I hate assembling lol 

Another 5 gallons of paint!!!
Trying to paint at the last part.

Finally...finally we finished the construction today✨ It took 1/half month. It was so busy, but I made it through. Now Im feeling better. Released. 

Thank you!!! Can't wait to run the business soon :) 

Now we are taking new appointments at the new location✨
Please call/text/email/LINE whatever you use! 
Salon phone; 347-654-1537

See you soon*\(^o^)/*

Nov 25, 2014

Holiday Season. Open Soon

December Promo Design♥︎*\(^o^)/*
Holiday ver✨
I will inform again once I confirm! 

Gorgeous Bling nailz!! All SWAROVSKI crystals✨✌️

   Gel extensions!! the most popular red♥︎

          Japanese gel color in NY✨

Pink beige is her fav♥︎ simple elegant design 
She loves dot design! All SWAROVSKI Crystals✨
My nails broke... So I did extensions!
Make over!
Completed. No worries, I can fix!

Japanese popular gel color♥︎*\(^o^)/*
Simple ver✨

Black×Baby Pink w gold, pearls.

Organic Spa pedi♨ makes you feel great!! Try it in this winter!

My salon deco✨

The brick wall cleaning!!!!!!!!!!! Success✌️
My choice of real wood floor*\(^o^)/*

I don't know how many times I came here...!!! 

Everyday!!!!! I'm here✨(^^;;

Holiday is here!!!!!
I'm excited to open up very soon!!

Nov 17, 2014

Getting closer!

Ivory white×Star bejeweled nails✨

Make Over w gel extensions!!!

            Winter birthday Paris nails✨

3different colors. 3D flowers. Black SWAROVSKI accent♥︎

Long time no see..!! Acrylics! 

Popular Tweeds design w belt look♥︎
Fashionable style✨

Niners? Foot ball team colors.
Ready to go to watch the game!

      Every 3weeks is an ideal cycle.

If you can last 4weeks, it's perfect!!
No lift. Very strong enhancement!

     Practice day for my new team✨
Getting closer to grand opening!*\(^o^)/*

The very talented Nailist called Lexi's order. Her art is amazing!! I can't wait for her new work w those metallic gel polishes! 

The metallic gels to the world✨